To find out more about sponsoring Siena FC or making a donation to the club call the club Sponsorship Manager or please email us.


In the 2017 season, Siena FC is launching a formal sponsorship program.

Our club relies on sponsorships to keep costs to families to an acceptable level whilst continuing to foster young players to higher levels of achievement.

The cost of equipment, competition affiliation fees etc is ever increasing. The club is seeking your support as a sponsor to help us:

  • continue to meet the costs associated with running a successful club;
  • provide the best possible gear and equipment for our players;
  • focus on the development of the players within the club through a new Coaching Academy Program;
  • establish and maintain the new Siena FC website with links to our Facebook page, SCCSA, club activities and sponsor information
  • ready the club for expected growth into the future.

Sponsorship provides the opportunity to promote your brand, product and service directly to the club’s members and their families. Any support that you may be able to contribute to the club will contribute towards ensuring Siena FC continues to support its players and to play an important social and development role for the local community’s families and children in maintaining an active lifestyle.